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“Alex is a natural talent, a budding professional and a joy to work with” 

Marla Kirban


Thank you for visiting my personal web portal!  My name is Alex Weinstock, and I am a voice actor.

My Voice has been described as;

#Conversational #Friendly, #Ironic, #Sarcastic, #Dry, #Young, #Arrogant, #Confident, #Energetic, #Cool, #Edgy, #Upbeat

I studied Voice Acting with Marla Kirban and Bruce Kronenberg circa 2006, resuming lessons after graduating from Northeastern University in 2013 with a major in Recording.

In 2017 I worked a lot with Hasbro, specifically for their NERF product line.

In 2019 I booked spots for Capri Sun, Heluva Good and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

In 2020 I booked three spots for a media company (confidential).

I have a professional-grade home studio equipped with a Neumann BCM 705 and Universal Audio LA710 Preamp. In addition to recording at home, I am available for on-site auditions and bookings anywhere in the NYC area. I have Source-Connect.

Have worked with In Both Ears, AllCoast Talent, Take One Company, Linda Stopfer and Access Talent.

My most recent demo was recorded in late 2015 by Bryant Falk at Abacus Entertainment.

Click the above link, or scroll down to listen or download my Demo Reel.

To contact me directly, click the contact me button, or give me a call at



Demo Reel

Demo Reel


Hi Res headshot

Home Studio

Professional-grade home studio

DAW: Reason 12, Ableton 9.7, PT 10

MICs: Nuemann BCM 705,

GT55 Condensor

Monitors: KRK Rocket 5 G3

Pre-Amp: Universal Audio LA710

Source Connect

Music on right from solo project "Dilemma" created right here with my home studio.

If player doesn't work, visit:

Soundcloud Direct Link:

Album "Elephant Graveyard", as well as singles, "Porcelain" and "Celestial Body" available anywhere you can stream music.


Contact Me

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Other Interests

"Advent" is an Action/Genre Drama that I am writing under the pen name Alex Elias.

Description: A lawyer pursuing justice for his brother uncovers a modern technological conspiracy with origins rooted in something far older … and far more sinister.

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